Professional Instant Glow Kit

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Supercharges The Skin and gives an Instantly Illuminating & Even Tone Effect
Instant Glow In-Salon Vitamin C treatment restores radiance to dull skin. For a
renewed, brightened and glowing skin.
Enriched With The Ultimate Form Of Vitamin C
This Ethyl form of Vitamin C is quick to action, while being highly stable among other derivatives.
Exceedingly effective in boosting collagen synthesis & lightening skin.
Fruits ‘The Basis of Brightening Line’
With anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, our instant glow range brings balance to the
skin. Providing much needed repair to help dark spots fade and increase the natural glow of the skin.
Recommended For
Tired & Dull skin
Monodose Packaging for Professional Kits
Monodose kits enable you as a salon owner to ensure zero product oxidation while also
helping you keep your inventory in check. Not to mention, it is 100% safe and hygienic for your clients.


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