Smudging Smokey Liner Brush PE-29

This fluffy Proarte eyeliner brush comes with a soft point tip for precision on the lash line and the creases, while the rounded side can be used to easily smudge kohl across the lids. It is also used for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. Bristles made with XGF goat, this brush gives your eyes a smooth application.
Perfect for achieving a smoky eye look
Gentle on your delicate skin
Very convenient to use, Carry and store.
Made using SXGF Goat hair
How to Use:
Immerse the brush straight into the eyeshadow and run it along your lash line for a thick, smokey line, or use it to spread and fix your eyeliner. Put your kohl or pencil liner, then use the brush to mix the edge of the eyeliner outward. Then, use the same brush to go back over the eyeliner with the same eyeshadow shade.
Ideal for blending eyeliner or eyeshadow for a soft smudge effect.

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